Welcome to Home Dren

A relaxing experience in the Karst of Trieste

Home Dren is nestled in the enchanting vineyards of the Triestine Karst in Prepotto/Praprot, a well-known area for the production of high-quality wines. The building was renovated in 2022, preserving the typical architectural features of the territory. Home Dren, opened in January 2023, tells its story through elegant spaces that combine traditional style and contemporary charm, and offers breathtaking views of the sea and hills. The use of stone, obtained from local quarries, matches perfectly the colour of wood, of which the exposed beams and panels on the ceiling are made of. The geometric effects on the ceiling contribute to making interior spaces a fascinating and welcoming environment. The building’s main balcony overlooking the Gulf of Trieste offers unique, enchanting views in every season.

Dren means cornel in English and it’s a local plant, widespread in the area. The name was chosen because cornel represents the strong bond between the territory and the Škerk family, which has lived in Prepotto for generations, trying to keep traditions alive. Until a few years ago, the Škerk family used to run an osmizza, a tavern of Austro-Hungarian origin where home-made products such as wine and cold cuts were sold.

Through vineyards and nature trails, you will have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor moments of relaxation. A unique experience for those who cherish the genuine values of life.